Internet Marketing Products You Shouldn’t Touch

Posted By Stan

Wow… three months since my last post, that’s a record, even for me! I’ve been meaning to write about the current Internet Marketer’s latest ploy for a while, the really cheap up front price followed by wads of OTO’s one of them inevitably a recurring monthly fee.

I will not buy them. If they can’t tell me up front what’s involved with the product then in my opinion they’re not honest. Suck in the mugs with a low price and then sell them everything they need to really make it work. Not for me. If I can’t find out beforehand what’s on the backend, just look for the Affiliate’s link and check it out, then it’s an instant refund.

This practice is motivated purely by greed, nothing else. Excerpt from an affiliate page “make us both a ton of cash”. I’m not against anyone making money but come on people, treat your customers and potential customers with a little respect.

I could write more on this but Jason Fladlien said it all very succinctly on his blog which you can find here. You can also grab 32 of Jason’s reports just for visiting and Jason’s reports are well worth reading. No affiliate link, I won’t make anything out of this I just respect the guy and his stuff.

Oct 25th, 2010

Article Writing Software Update

Posted By Stan

Further to my last post on article writing software and Jonathan Leger’s Instant Article Factory I just received an email from Jon with more updates to the program.

This is typical of Jon. He creates a great application but never stops working on it and never stops taking notice of the feedback from his users.

You may well buy an application from him but it’s not what you’ll end up with! It will change over time getting better and better and with more features as he thinks of them or they are suggested to him by users.

Anyway, back to today’s update. Jon has just put up a new video of Instant Article Factory showing the latest features the main one of which is integration with another product of his The Best Spinner.

If you’re not familiar with The Best Spinner you really should check it out. Article spinners have been a hotch potch over the years and whilst there have been some pretty good ones of late, I own a couple of them, bought before TBS came out and now abandoned, TBS takes it all to a new level entirely.

It’s impossible to tell you how good it is without sounding hypie! I would urge you to check out the video on it here. TBS gives you the ability of really capitalising on all the hard work you put into writing articles whilst the Instant Article Factory takes away the hard work.

Imagine writing a 350 word review in under 5 minutes! No need to imagine it any more, it’s now a reality! Check out my previous post for a sample.

OK, integration with TBS is just one of the new features and rather than try and tell you about all of the others just go to the Instant Article Factory and watch the video you’ll be glad you did, honest!

Instant Article Factory isn’t available until until next Monday 12th July 2010 and at that time it’s available at a 45% discount for just 5 days. If you need to write articles or produce any kind of content for blogs or websites then you need to at least look at Instant Article Factory.

Article writing software has come of age!

Jul 9th, 2010

Article Writing Software

Posted By Stan

Youch!! S’been a long time between posts and I feel pretty guilty about it, I really must do better and I will. I’m going to promise myself at least one post a week. I’ve just been busy with business stuff and time does fly. I’ll just have to make some time!

Anyway, I just came across what I believe to be the best piece of article writing software there is, here’s a review of it and yes I do have a copy and yes I use it.

Instant Article Factory

There are a number of relatively recent products available, some of which are worthy of notice. One or two have gained considerable acceptance amongst users, are generally increasing in reputation and growing. Some of these are really outstanding and worth looking into. On the list of relatively recent products out there that are in the business of making article writing easier and quicker, there’s a noteworthy newcomer called Instant Article Factory.

The developer behind this worthwhile article writing software is Jonathan Leger. What instant article factory provides to its growing membership is present you with a ‘fill in the blanks’ template which makes it easy to construct an article by only having to concentrate on the relevant points rather than the fine detail..

You can find at least three unique features that set instant article factoryaside from their competition. These are a variety of different templates, which are different each time you load one and the ability to spin the text that you enter. Let’s discuss each of these, in turn.

There are basically 17 different template formats, from the ‘pick a number’ of tips, review, how to and others.

Each template has a number of different versions so you won’t get the same one twice. Thereby avoiding duplicate content issues. In addition the templates are changed over time.

For each field in the template you have the ability to spin the text and include several different versions of each entry.

The main drawback to the instant article factoryproduct is that it is a fixed format but having said that, it streamlines the creation of an article which once completed can easily be edited.

All-in-all, instant article factory seems to be an exceptionally good product with lots of excellent features. It is really worth your time to take a closer look into it, perhaps give it a try. You can find detailed information at

By the way I wrote this review using Instant Article Factory in under five minutes.

Find out how you can create original, unique articles rapidly by going to this article writing software web site at

Jul 7th, 2010

A Few More Of My Favourite Things

Posted By Stan

Well, the Australian Grand Prix’s over. It was a lot more entertaining than Bahrain although Webber didn’t win but you get that!

More of my favourite stuff. It’s often necessary for graphics, ebook covers, webpages, blogs etc to need photographs. They can be bought sometimes at a reasonable price from the usual places istock etc but there’s a site I often use which is free. Sounds a bit gruesome but it’s not. Just scroll down to the catagory list on that page.

You can sometimes get some good images through Google. Select images and enter your keyword. Then in advanced image search there are several dropdowns under the Usage rights you can select various options the greatest one being ‘labeled for commercial reuse with modification’. You still need to check the rights under ‘some rights reserved’ which you’ll find under Additional Information on the right hand side. Commonly you need to attribute the source.

Still on graphics, there are some incredible font sites around which are also free. is one of my favourites as is but there are many more. Just search for free fonts in Google.

Continuing with graphics, you probably know that I’m a big fan and exponent of Gimp, the open source software answer to Photoshop. Naturally it’s free, being open source , it’s a completely different inetrface to Photoshop but one of it’s greatest pluses is you can open PSD’s in Gimp. Now it sometimes doesn’t always get all or the exact layer information in the PSD but I’ve never found that to be a problem and you can’t argue with the price!

The version of Gimp that you can download off the net is 2.6.x and I have to say that I don’t like it compared to 2.4. If you want to grab a copy of 2.4 you can get one from here which is another of my sites.

If you would like a quick start to using Gimp and some easy yet fancy techniques you can always grab my Gimp video course at

Tell you what, for the next few days you can use this coupon code and get them at half their normal price. Coupon code seblog. I don’t know how long I’ll leave that code up for, I’ll see how it goes. Oh, you can only use the code once, so if you back out you won’t be able to use it again.

I think I’ll call it a night at this point. I still have plenty more favourite things to share so keep a look out over the next few days.

Mar 28th, 2010

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Posted By Stan

I meant to post a bit earlier than this as I have a correction to something I wrote about in the last post but there always seems so much to do that time just flies. I’m obviously doing things wrong if I’ve always got so much to do I guess but at the moment that’s the way it is.

What I discovered is if you use the free service from they load an ad over the top of your linked page! Sorry, just didn’t spot it earlier!

I only discovered this flaw when I sent the link to a friend of mine in Europe to look at. So I can’t recommend the use of the free

On the plus side you can upgrade your account for a fee and the ads are removed. Surprisingly it’s quite affordable $4.99 for 30 days and only $19.99 for 365 days. I’ll probably go for the 365 days. There is a lifetime one for $99.99 but I always ask myself who’s lifetime, mine or the site’s? If the site folds in a year or so, you’re out of pocket to the tune of 3-4 years.

OK, that’s out of the way. As I mentioned last time I was going to tell you about some of my favourite things and they’re nothing to do with dogs biting or bees stinging!

I use a lot of PLR for content. I must have 10′s of thousands of PLR articles on my hard drive and most of them are rubbish but most of them were free so what do you expect? But it saves me a lot of time in research and all I have to do is rewrite them into good English and change them around some.

My first favourite thing for that is Copyscape. Now I know you are probably familiar with it and this is where I’ll appear to be a bit slow. I had been using it for free. I really do spend way too much on other stuff but you’re limited to 10 free searches per month per URL. In the end, I had a bit to do, bit the bullet and signed up, it’s so cheap! $20 got me 200 searches!

So I run the article through Copyscape, then I know what to rewrite. Once rewritten I run it through again until Copyscape finds no copies. It usually doesn’t take that long. There is a free program, Dupefree Pro that will also check for copies online, unfortunately it’s not as quick as Copyscape and only checks a random five sentences. You can highlight specific passages to be checked but it all takes time. For efficiency I’ll go with Copyscape every time.

It’s worth getting Dupefree Pro, for free, as it has some other handy features like keyword density, LSI list plus others. Get it at

As we’re changing articles around we’re inevitably going to talk about article spinners! I know, most of them are crap, I’ve tried a lot but I recently found the best spinner, now my favourite. It’s called The Best Spinner and it’s by Jonathan Leger. If you don’t know Jon he’s the creator of the 7 dollar script system among a ton of other great tools, most of which I’ve got and I’ll talk about them in another post.

It has so many fantastic features but one of the best is the thesaurus. It’s a universal, communal thesaurus. Every user of the best spinner can add to the thesaurus so it’s constantly evolving and is truly huge. There really are too many features to go into all of them but another great one is the article merge. You can take two articles and merge them into one. That should knock duplicity on the head!

You can see a video of it by Jon himself at I’ll be surprised if you’re not impressed.

I have a lot more of my favourite things to tell you about but it’s getting late and this post is going to get extremely long so I’m going to leave it here and I’ll do part 2 tomorrow – or the next day – or…. NO! definitely no later than the next day.

It’s just that the F1 Australian Grand Prix is on this weekend and I ain’t going to miss it when it’s on my doorstep!

Mar 27th, 2010

To Cloak Or Not To Cloak

Posted By Stan

It’s strange but when you know something, unless it’s a new discovery, you tend to think that everyone else must know it too.

So, forgive me if you know this already. It occurred to me that this might be a useful tip for you if you are selling things as an affiliate.

We’ve all heard, I’m sure, about link cloaking and software packages that are available to cloak links, truth is you don’t need them.

There are many ways of cloaking your links for free.

The first one, which I have used often is to enclose your affiliate link in a php file and place it on your website. Here’s the code you need

<?php $URL=”“;
header (“Location: $URL”);

All you need do is paste your affiliate link between the ” “, save it with a recognisable name and upload it to your website.

My preferred method is to create a folder for whatever the offer is on my website, put the php file in there and rename it to index.php. Then I can advertise a link like this

This hides your affiliate link in the first place but when someone clicks on it, it will show in the address bar of the site to which it takes them and 9 times out of 10 will reveal your affiliate link.

So if you want to hide it at that stage as well here’s a free method that I’ve been using for quite some time. Sign up at it’s totally free. There you can cloak your link for free. Not only that but it also tracks the clicks for you and by assigning a nickname you can create several versions of the link, each to track a different campaign. Something like this

The only drawback I’ve found with this service is that you can’t use the links in Aweber or probably any email or email service as, thanks to some of the jugheads who decided this was a great way to spam people, the site is on several blacklists. Offto works at preventing this but as you can imagine it’s a huge task. So, I only use it in the php example or in the background on websites, purely for the tracking statistics that it offers.

Personally I don’t like the look of that link particularly, so I combine the two methods and put the offto link into a php file where the affiliate link goes. When they arrive at the merchants site they will see the offto link which just looks like one of those url shrinkers no hint of what the affiliate link is. A lot of people will still guess that it is an affiliate link though.

Now I could get started here on why people object to buying things through an affiliate link, it’s a weird bit of psychology and I could rant on about it for ages but I won’t. Unfortunately it’s a fact of life, well a fact of the internet that we have to hide the fact that we are an affiliate. With the FTC’s new rules we now have to declare the fact that we may possibly make some money out of it before people click on the link anyway. So they know we’re an affiliate which leaves me totally confused and wondering, sometimes, if it’s all worth it! Yes, it is!

So do we still need to hide the affiliate links? I believe so, for one they look better and more professional and people will still try and change the link to theirs and steal your commissions which is harder to do if they can’t see them.

I have yet another method which I think is really neat and for this one you don’t even need a website! I only found out about this one recently and it’s so good that you can appear to have as many websites as you want. I know of one person who appears to have 3,000 of them!

The site is On the initial screen just enter your affiliate link into the box and it will create a standard type shortened url like Why you would want to use that when on the next screen it gives you the option to create a custom url like this The extra added bonus of this is when anyone clicks on that link, this is the address that appears in the address bar on the merchant’s site. It appears like it’s your site. Click it and see, it’s brilliant.

Although you don’t need a website for this you do need an email address but then who doesn’t have one of those and if you don’t, just go to Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any one of the hundreds of free email services out there.

Just imagine how many virtual sites you could have all linking to affiliate products.

So , to cloak your links there’s three easy free methods which work really well. I hope you’ve found these tips useful.

Feel free to comment on them or, even better, if you have some good ones of your own I’d love to hear about them.

Watch out for my next post in which I list some of my favourite tools.

Mar 3rd, 2010

URGENT WARNING – Server Virus Doing The Rounds

Posted By Stan

Cor! Look at all the dust and cobwebs in here, what a neglected blog! I totally failed with this years New Year resolution on keeping up with this blog. I went over to the UK in September and it totally through me out.

I’ve meant on several occasions to get back here and post stuff. I have quite a few good things to post about but other stuff kept getting in the way. I’ll just have to make more of an effort.

Anyway, enough of that. I have finally made it here because this is pretty important and urgent. I’m not sure of the implications of this virus apart from the fact I know it screws up WordPress blogs.

Earlier this week all of my domains on one server got hit by the virus which is attacking websites hosted on Linux servers. If you have WordPress sites they will not load and you won’t be able to get into wp-admin, it just comes up with errors in a couple of php files.

It infects index*, default* and *.js files. If you look at one of your index files you will see the virus code at the bottom it starts with ‘<script>/*GNU GPL*/ try{window.onload = function(){var‘. It can
be removed manually but it’s a long  job especially in WordPress as there are a lot of .js files.

Fortunately there is a removal script at

I can vouch for the script I ran it on 44 domains and it cleaned them in no time.

You’ve got to wonder where these pricks heads are at!

Dec 17th, 2009

New Contender For Product Of The Year

Posted By Stan

A few months ago I put forward Kim Roach’s Instant Payday Formula as the product of the year. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take that back! There’s a new product out that’s even better!

I’m not taking anything away from Kim’s IPD, it’s still a great product but this new one is something else!

It’s the Niche Profit Classroom by Alen Sultanic and Adam Short and I’ve not seen anything like it in the last two to three years.

I signed up a few days ago and have spent most of the time since watching their videos. There is so much great information in there that it’s hard to tear yourself away.

I thought I knew a lot about niche marketing, I know a helluva lot more now and I’ve only scratched the surface of the information in there.

I’m finding it really difficult to describe this because anything I say is going to sound like hype BUT it really is amazing.

If you’ve ever struggled to pick a niche and great keywords for it or struggled to create a highly optimised site and get highly targeted FREE traffic to it then, seriously, you need to look at this.

AND for another couple of more days you can check it all out for just $1, yes ONE DOLLAR!

You can check out a couple of videos here Niche Profit Classroom Video

It’s not just the 400+ videos of pure, nothing-held-back, step by step instruction on how to generate income online, or the 5 amazing pieces of software you instantly get access to, or the buzzing community with like-minded people who are there for you when you need them.

It’s all this plus

- The MoneyWord Matrix Keyword Tool – Yep, better than about 99% of the keyword tools out there, automatically pinpoints the sweetspot keywords, high search volume low competition.

- Market Scorecard – Tells you if a market and product is going to be profitable, before you even consider going into the market. Let your competitors burn dollars on losing markets while you cherry pick the profit pulling markets.

- Market Profiler – Let’s you *Profile* a market and know exactly who’s doing what. You get a bird’s eye view of the entire market in a single snapshot.

- Market Checklist – Lets you milk every single dollar out of the market (you don’t miss a beat when it comes to generating profits online with this tool).

- 15 Minute Sales Letter Wizard – Let’s you create a converting sales letter in minutes…yes minutes…and it’s better than what most *professional* copywriters would charge you an arm and a leg for.

- How to to create a whole profit producing info-product line for pennies on the dollar (70% less than anyone else is paying). Plus these products are such high quality that your customers will be practically begging to buy more stuff from you. This gives you a HUGE advantage over every single one of your competitors.

- How to cherry pick the most profitable markets out there (using information that other companies spend millions of dollars to collect – that you can use for FREE). You just have to know where to get it..

- How to tap into an unlimited source of FREE traffic from the search engines and slip right under the radar so that *NO ONE* has a clue as to how much you’re really raking in.

- How to set all this on autopilot so that that the *ONLY* thing you have to do is check sales and collect profits (you don’t even have to spend a single minute on customer service).  Plus, a little place to ‘outsource’ your customer service that all the gurus use, yet none talk about…

If you’ve been struggling at any level, if you’re only just getting started or wanting to get started this is the one product that will get you there. If this doesn’t do it then nothing will.

There are a lot of great products out there but they all leave you, in the end, to do it on your own. This one holds your hand every step of the way. I know that I’m going to be successful with it.

Niche Profit Classroom

Aug 3rd, 2009

Get Links From 1000′s of PR5+ Sites

Posted By Stan

I just found out about this today, I thought you might be interested.

As we all know the single most important factor in getting your site ranked is backlinks. However, we also know there are backlinks and then there are backlinks. Some are worth a lot more than others!

That really translates to the higher the page rank of the site linking to your site then the more valuable that link is in Google’s eyes.

To get to the point, Chris Rempel ‘The Lazy Marketer’ has just brought out a piece of software that gives you the ability to locate those sites and place your links on them.

This is the most powerful – and simple – linking software and it’s just gone LIVE…

It’s phenomenal.

It lets you place your link on thousands of MAJOR authority sites, who would otherwise NEVER do so without this “exploit”…

Check it out here: The Authority Loophole

Oh – and I think you’ll like the price :-)

Short post but that’s it, all the info you need is on the link page you’d be mad not to check this one out!

Jul 15th, 2009

Why Should You Buy Dominating Niches by Chris Freville?

Posted By Stan

Good question eh? Short answer – cos if you buy through me I’ll make some money!

That’s a bit blunt isn’t it! But let’s be honest here, I’m having a bit of a bummer of a day and I’m just sick and tired of all the crap that’s peddled around the net about Internet Marketing!

What I said up top is the bottom line for most of us. I don’t deny there are parts of the net where there are genuine selfless souls whose only purpose is to provide assistance to others but that’s not Internet marketing.

Now, having said that, if you’re still with me, It’s no good me recommending rubbish to you. If I do then I lose all credibility, if I’ve got any left after that, because I can only be successful if I help you to be successful. So, I’m only going to recommend products that I believe to be

  • Worth the money
  • Give real value
  • Help you to achieve your goals
  • Actually work

So, let’s get to the subject of this review. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a review copy from Chris who I’ve known for while. I won’t be so bold as to call him a friend because we’ve never actually met, yet. However I’ve spoken with him and we communicate via email so I know where he’s coming from and what he’s good at.

Chris has been making a good living, $30,000+ a month, on the net for years in many different niches. If any one can tell you how to dominate a niche then Chris can. Chris already has several successful products to his name,  Automated List Builder, Sneaky Affiliate Cheat, Clickbank Inner Circle to mention a few.

So what will Dominating Niches do for you?

  • How to be accepted in any niche.
  • How to spot hot trends before they happen and cash in to the fullest (Jump on massive niches like Sudoku long before the competition!)…
  • 5 golden rules for keeping your passion out of the way of your profits (The key is making your business pleasurable!)…
  • The little-known secret to choosing pen names that inspire trust and loyalty (plus his unique formula for creating easy to remember names)…
  • How to easily post traffic blasting audio and videos up in just minutes (employing this simple tactic takes thousands off the table and into your pocket)…
  • The sneaky secret that alerts you to the hottest Internet trends by the hour – and how identifying them can mean long-term repeat sales for you…
  • Why you should never pay $1,000 for a domain name at auction — and how you’ll dominate any niche just as quickly with a new or expired domain for a tiny fraction of that price…
  • His secret weapon for scooping up recently expired domains that thrust your site to the front of the SEO line in any niche you choose…

and heaps more. It’s a massive package.

  • A 150 page Dominating Niches PDF
  • The Dominating Niches Quick Learning Video Series
  • Untapped Niche Explorer Exclusive Software, automatically finds untapped niches
  • Dominating Physical Niches “How To” handbook

I could go on and write reams about this product, there is so much in there. This really is a comprehensive product and I’ll be first in line next Tuesday 30th June at 12.00pm EST.

I will be offering bonuses for anyone who purchases through my link next week. Here’s a look at them, click on the links for more information:

The last three all have sales pages and rights so you can sell them as your own. Three great products to get started with!

That’s just for starters. There’s a few days to go, I’ll add to them between now and then. In terms of dollars this isn’t the most valuable list of bonuses I’m sure but I’ve aimed at putting together products that will complement and be useful with the information in Dominating Niches.

The pre-launch begins on Sunday 28th June 2009 at 12.00pm EST. But you can click here and sign up for a report which reveals Chris’s secret profitable niche for FREE! It is in fact a full in depth guide of the campaign for this niche. Very educational!

Signing up will also get you a notification of the launch of this fantastic product. I don’t want to sound too hypie but it really is good and packed with value!

Jun 26th, 2009
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