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To quote ‘someone’ famous I’ve done it again! Neglected my blog that is! What with the problem with my neck and shoulder and other stuff, namely life, the time has just flown by. The problem with my neck and shoulder is improving though, thanks for asking.

So, to get back to where I should be the Graphics Videos site is all set up now with the affiliate program in place. The affiliates page at the site will give you all the information you need to start promoting the videos.

Gimp really should be promoted strongly and I intend to do just that. It is a fantastic program for the price! OK, it can’t do absolutely everything that Photoshop can do but it comes pretty bloody close. AND at the price is a million times better value!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti Photoshop, I use it and I really like it but when you’re starting out or on a tight budget Gimp is a lifesaver. {I still probably use Gimp more though!}

The only problem with it and Photoshop, as with all comprehensive software, is that they have a steep learning curve. That was the inspiration for my Gimp videos, a quick kick start to find your way around and start doing meaningful stuff with it.

Sure, there are lots of Gimp tutorials on the net and tons of them are excellent. It can take time to find the ones you need though and a lot of them are written and not video. Video just makes it so much easier to see what’s going on and to follow.

That’s why I created the set that I did, they really get you going with Gimp fast. They only scrape the surface though as Gimp’s capabilities are huge. For that reason I will be releasing more sets in the near future covering more advanced aspects of Gimp.

It’s amazing how many people have never heard of Gimp. I was at my dentist the other day he’s a  keen computer buff but he’d never heard of it! I believe that Gimp is still one of the best kept secrets of computing and as such there must be an untapped audience out there.

So, if you’d like to spread the word and promote the videos for 50% commission head over to the Graphics Videos affiliate’s page and sign up, we can both make some money and raise the profile of Gimp.

Aug 23rd, 2008

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