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I meant to post a bit earlier than this as I have a correction to something I wrote about in the last post but there always seems so much to do that time just flies. I’m obviously doing things wrong if I’ve always got so much to do I guess but at the moment that’s the way it is.

What I discovered is if you use the free service from cjb.net they load an ad over the top of your linked page! Sorry, just didn’t spot it earlier!

I only discovered this flaw when I sent the link to a friend of mine in Europe to look at. So I can’t recommend the use of the free cjb.net.

On the plus side you can upgrade your account for a fee and the ads are removed. Surprisingly it’s quite affordable $4.99 for 30 days and only $19.99 for 365 days. I’ll probably go for the 365 days. There is a lifetime one for $99.99 but I always ask myself who’s lifetime, mine or the site’s? If the site folds in a year or so, you’re out of pocket to the tune of 3-4 years.

OK, that’s out of the way. As I mentioned last time I was going to tell you about some of my favourite things and they’re nothing to do with dogs biting or bees stinging!

I use a lot of PLR for content. I must have 10′s of thousands of PLR articles on my hard drive and most of them are rubbish but most of them were free so what do you expect? But it saves me a lot of time in research and all I have to do is rewrite them into good English and change them around some.

My first favourite thing for that is Copyscape. Now I know you are probably familiar with it and this is where I’ll appear to be a bit slow. I had been using it for free. I really do spend way too much on other stuff but you’re limited to 10 free searches per month per URL. In the end, I had a bit to do, bit the bullet and signed up, it’s so cheap! $20 got me 200 searches!

So I run the article through Copyscape, then I know what to rewrite. Once rewritten I run it through again until Copyscape finds no copies. It usually doesn’t take that long. There is a free program, Dupefree Pro that will also check for copies online, unfortunately it’s not as quick as Copyscape and only checks a random five sentences. You can highlight specific passages to be checked but it all takes time. For efficiency I’ll go with Copyscape every time.

It’s worth getting Dupefree Pro, for free, as it has some other handy features like keyword density, LSI list plus others. Get it at http://www.dupefreepro.com.

As we’re changing articles around we’re inevitably going to talk about article spinners! I know, most of them are crap, I’ve tried a lot but I recently found the best spinner, now my favourite. It’s called The Best Spinner and it’s by Jonathan Leger. If you don’t know Jon he’s the creator of the 7 dollar script system among a ton of other great tools, most of which I’ve got and I’ll talk about them in another post.

It has so many fantastic features but one of the best is the thesaurus. It’s a universal, communal thesaurus. Every user of the best spinner can add to the thesaurus so it’s constantly evolving and is truly huge. There really are too many features to go into all of them but another great one is the article merge. You can take two articles and merge them into one. That should knock duplicity on the head!

You can see a video of it by Jon himself at http://thebestspinner.com I’ll be surprised if you’re not impressed.

I have a lot more of my favourite things to tell you about but it’s getting late and this post is going to get extremely long so I’m going to leave it here and I’ll do part 2 tomorrow – or the next day – or…. NO! definitely no later than the next day.

It’s just that the F1 Australian Grand Prix is on this weekend and I ain’t going to miss it when it’s on my doorstep!

Mar 27th, 2010

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