A New Low In email Marketing?

Posted By Stan

I find it absolutely amazing, the tricks people will come up with to try and con you into signing up for what they’re trying to peddle.

I received a ‘confirmation email’ tonight asking me to confirm my request for information.

The only trouble was, I hadn’t requested any information on the subject or from the person sending the email.

In a feeble attempt to make it look authentic the IP address from which the request was supposed to have been made was included. It wasn’t my IP nor was it even within my countries range. Not as smart as he thinks he is!

It’s a new low in SPAM, ‘cos confirmation emails will generally bypass SPAM filters. The confirmation link was at Aweber. I wonder what their take would be on it? I might find out.

The from email address was a Yahoo one so that’s obviously where he got it from, one of the groups I agreed to receive mailings from.

I’d have been far more receptive had he been upfront and just presented his offer HONESTLY.

It’s like the misspelt vi*gra  emails. If we’re trapping it when it’s spelt correctly why do they think we’re going to fall for it when it’s misspelt!?

I would like to believe the internet has matured beyond the slick, slimy, used car salesman techniques and that we’re moving to a more honest, upfront approach to marketing. Naive, yeah probably but I live in hope.

So, watch out for these, I have a feeling it’s just the start of a new trend. Give these people the message. Put their fodder where it belongs, in the garbage and only support honest straightforward promotions.

Feb 16th, 2008

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