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So, what about me? My name’s Stan Craigie, no BS I am aspiring to build a business on the internet. But I am not out to bombard anyone with constant ‘buy this’, ‘sign up for that’, ‘look at the other’ etc. I will recommend products if I think they’re worthwhile and if I’ve bought or use them myself.

I really believe that you have to help others to help yourself. Zig Ziggler has a saying,

‘You can get anything you want out of this life, if you help enough other people to get what they want’.

I really believe that, call it Karma if you like.

Anyway, who am I? I’ve been computer engineer for the past 30 years, semi professional musician for a while – not anymore, amateur racing driver, father of two and general layabout. Meaning I’m not one of those hyped up, go getters, I like to take life easy and laid back, it’s too short to burn up!

I hope you get something out of this blog and I am really keen to hear from other people either through comments or you can email me. The best way to succeed on the internet is to get together and help one another, through the sharing of ideas, assistance and mutual promotion. So please feel free to drop me a line.

Mar 9th, 2008

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