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Further to my last post on article writing software and Jonathan Leger’s Instant Article Factory I just received an email from Jon with more updates to the program.

This is typical of Jon. He creates a great application but never stops working on it and never stops taking notice of the feedback from his users.

You may well buy an application from him but it’s not what you’ll end up with! It will change over time getting better and better and with more features as he thinks of them or they are suggested to him by users.

Anyway, back to today’s update. Jon has just put up a new video of Instant Article Factory showing the latest features the main one of which is integration with another product of his The Best Spinner.

If you’re not familiar with The Best Spinner you really should check it out. Article spinners have been a hotch potch over the years and whilst there have been some pretty good ones of late, I own a couple of them, bought before TBS came out and now abandoned, TBS takes it all to a new level entirely.

It’s impossible to tell you how good it is without sounding hypie! I would urge you to check out the video on it here. TBS gives you the ability of really capitalising on all the hard work you put into writing articles whilst the Instant Article Factory takes away the hard work.

Imagine writing a 350 word review in under 5 minutes! No need to imagine it any more, it’s now a reality! Check out my previous post for a sample.

OK, integration with TBS is just one of the new features and rather than try and tell you about all of the others just go to the Instant Article Factory and watch the video you’ll be glad you did, honest!

Instant Article Factory isn’t available until until next Monday 12th July 2010 and at that time it’s available at a 45% discount for just 5 days. If you need to write articles or produce any kind of content for blogs or websites then you need to at least look at Instant Article Factory.

Article writing software has come of age!

Jul 9th, 2010

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