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Youch!! S’been a long time between posts and I feel pretty guilty about it, I really must do better and I will. I’m going to promise myself at least one post a week. I’ve just been busy with business stuff and time does fly. I’ll just have to make some time!

Anyway, I just came across what I believe to be the best piece of article writing software there is, here’s a review of it and yes I do have a copy and yes I use it.

Instant Article Factory

There are a number of relatively recent products available, some of which are worthy of notice. One or two have gained considerable acceptance amongst users, are generally increasing in reputation and growing. Some of these are really outstanding and worth looking into. On the list of relatively recent products out there that are in the business of making article writing easier and quicker, there’s a noteworthy newcomer called Instant Article Factory.

The developer behind this worthwhile article writing software is Jonathan Leger. What instant article factory provides to its growing membership is present you with a ‘fill in the blanks’ template which makes it easy to construct an article by only having to concentrate on the relevant points rather than the fine detail..

You can find at least three unique features that set instant article factoryaside from their competition. These are a variety of different templates, which are different each time you load one and the ability to spin the text that you enter. Let’s discuss each of these, in turn.

There are basically 17 different template formats, from the ‘pick a number’ of tips, review, how to and others.

Each template has a number of different versions so you won’t get the same one twice. Thereby avoiding duplicate content issues. In addition the templates are changed over time.

For each field in the template you have the ability to spin the text and include several different versions of each entry.

The main drawback to the instant article factoryproduct is that it is a fixed format but having said that, it streamlines the creation of an article which once completed can easily be edited.

All-in-all, instant article factory seems to be an exceptionally good product with lots of excellent features. It is really worth your time to take a closer look into it, perhaps give it a try. You can find detailed information at

By the way I wrote this review using Instant Article Factory in under five minutes.

Find out how you can create original, unique articles rapidly by going to this article writing software web site at

Jul 7th, 2010

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