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I’ve always been interested in graphics. One of my ancestors was a lithographic artist so I guess it’s in the genes. Several years ago, well before PCs, I did a commercial art course. One of the biggest parts of it was lettering. If we wanted Times New Roman we had to do it with a brush and Indian Ink unless you wanted a color of course.

Now you can knock out Times New Roman in seconds and that’s only the beginning of the fantastic things that PC’s are capable of when it comes to graphics. Having done a commercial art course has some advantages but when it comes to PC graphics it’s a whole new learning curve. Which is why I decided after months of struggling myself that a series of how to videos for computer graphics might be useful to others trying to get started.

You may think that getting good graphics software is expensive, if you want Photoshop, it is! What if I told you that there were two really top notch graphics programs that are FREE. I still find it amazing that this software is available to anyone who wants it, for nix, nather, zilch!

Now there are some really talented people on the net who already knew that and just went ‘duh! I knew that!’ Well a lot of other people didn’t, me included ’til a short while ago and it’s those people that I’m trying to enlighten. So if you’re a graphics genius, guru, expert this may not help you…….then again, you never know. Like everything else on PC’s, the net and life, there’s always something to learn 

Anyway ‘nuf of that, GIMP and Paint.NET are the two and between them there isn’t much you can’t do in computer graphics.

I’m still working on the videos, I keep jotting thoughts in here to keep me going. It’s a sort of ongoing to do list. If I’ve put it in here then I’ve made the commitment to see it through. Trust me I need that. There’s too many distractions, other things I could easily do or not do.

It won’t be too long now and shortly I’ll tell you where you can find them, though I’m sure most of you could easily Google it for yourselves. I intend to start off with installing and setting them up, though most of it is pretty basic Windows stuff apart from a couple of little extras. The intention behind that is to make it a complete series from the beginning onwards. I’ll be back in a couple of days or so.

Jan 25th, 2008

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