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Posted By Stan

This is really disgusting! If this blog was a child I’d be in serious trouble with the law, or ‘lure’ as Clouseau would say!

I have seriously neglected it. I do have an excuse, naturally. A couple of weeks ago I appear to have trapped or as the doctors put it compromised a nerve in my right shoulder.

I got this wild picture in my mind of the nerve being caught on camera by a private detective in a compromising position with my shoulder blade! Anyway, whatever it is, it bloody hurts! So, I’ve been restricted in what I can do in total let alone on the computer. I am becoming quite good at left hand mousing though! One hand typing ain’t so good.

One quick announcement. I’m taking the Graphics Videos nickel sale down at 3pm GMT on Sunday 29th June at which time it will revert to it’s normal price of $27. So, four more days to grab a bargain. You can still get this great set of how to get started in graphics videos for under $10 at the time of writing.

I think it will be a while before I get back to regular posts. As I have to wait almost four weeks to see a specialist I’ve decided to give a chiropractor a go. Now opinion on chiropracty sees to be heatedly divided so I would be really interested to hear people’s opinions/experiences on the subject.

So, please if you have an opinion/experience post it here. Thanks.

Jun 25th, 2008

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