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Posted By Stan

Not so long ago people were complaining about how they got too much email and how it distracted them from getting on with the things they needed to do.

Join a few lists, as we all must do and you inevitably get bombarded with lotsa emails.

Some of the people who were complaining about the scourge of email are now guilty of, as are others, of making the situation worse.

You may now receive an email referring you to their latest blog post which is at least a 500 word article, about 5 emails, or worse, referred to a video which is usually 15 to 18 minutes long!

Some blog posts are worth the reading and provide useful information, such as this one from Frank Haywood but you need to know the author or you could waste a few emails worth of time.

It woudn’t be so bad if the videos actually provided valuable content, which they all claim to do but very few deliver. They’re usually filled with 17 minutes of waffle, fluff and BS to get to the sales message at the end.

A sales message which could have been delivered in the email in about half a dozen lines without all the crap.

Video, in particular has been touted as the latest and greatest and it is when it’s used to impart real information, like tutorials, a quick product demonstration on a sales page or even a short, to the point sales video.

As you probably know I produce videos myself but I like to think they provide useful, valuable content on how to get up to speed with Gimp.

Just in case there is the slimmest chance that those responsible for these time wasting productions might see this, hey guys, you’re ruining video and annoying your lists, well, some of us anyway!

9 times out of 10 now, if I’m told there’s a video to watch I delete the email. They have to do a pretty good job in the email to get me to look at it.

Because of that I’ve missed out in the last couple of weeks of the opportunity to throw $1497, $1997 and $1997 at the latest big boys offerings! Tut tut, boo hoo!

They’ll say that’s my loss, is it? I wonder how many copies of that stuff will actually work for the buyers who get it? It would be interesting if it was at all possible to find out.

Anyway, got that off my chest, grumpy old bugger signing off!

Oct 4th, 2008

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