Can You Really Make Money on the Internet?

Posted By Stan

Yes, you can!

That has to be the shortest post in blogging history!

Tempted as I am to set a new record, I really can’t leave it there.

If, like me you’ve been nutting away at this thing for what seems like years and probably is, there will have been times when you wonder if it really is possible.

When I start to think like that I look at the numbers. It is a numbers game. According to the latest statistics, globally, there are 1,574,313,184 internet users. Asia has the most at 650,361,843. Europe is next then North America with 246,822,936 online.

How many of those do you need in order to give up your job? 1000, 2000? 5000 is .00002% of the people online in North America. With 5000 customers at only $20 you would have an income of $100,000.

So, you really don’t have to grab much of the online population to make decent money.

However, what’s the percentage of those users who are also trying to make an income, your competition? I don’t know!

When I get to thinking about that aspect of it I look in the Yellow Pages. Go on take a look. The Yellow Pages is usually two volumes, if you live in a reasonably sized area and pretty thick too. Check out vets, plumbers, electricians you’ll find hundreds of them and they must all be making a living and paying for Yellow Pages ads which aren’t cheap! OK, one aspect of the Yellow Pages is location within the larger area but the larger area, a decent size city is what, maybe a couple of million. A pinhead in comparison to the internet!

What if you had a $97 product for your 5000 customers? That’s $485,000. $97 products aren’t that unusual and plenty of them get sold. Frank Kern just released Mass Control 2.0. I believe there were 500 copies, I know there were at least 500 copies, it cost $1997, that’s $998,500 from only 500 sales.

Now I know we’re not all Frank Kerns but we don’t have to be. Do you see what I’m getting at. The numbers, it’s a number’s game. you only have to capture a small, heck, a minute, part of the online population to make substantial returns.

Easier said than done, I know but then isn’t everything?

Obviously you need to do a lot of stuff to get there but before you get to do all that stuff you have to believe it’s possible.

That’s been the point of this, I’m not there yet, I’m starting to do OK but I really believe it’s possible if only because of the numbers.

My biggest failing is I keep wanting to learn something new and I get distracted. Unfortunately that was the nature of my job, I had to keep learning and getting certified on the latest OS or network gear, it’s become ingrained and I have to resist it and get on with what I’m doing at the time.

Surprisingly, whenever I focus and see a project through it’s usually successful.

So, here’s my advice, FOCUS and PERSISTENCE, don’t give up and believe it’s achievable, believe in the numbers.

Feb 26th, 2009

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