Does Adsense Make Any Cents Anymore?

Posted By Stan

Excuse the pun, it was intended!

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of mis-information that people who regard themselves as experts, spread around the net and forums. It’s no wonder that anyone who is trying to get into internet marketing gets confused and unfortunately put off.

Maybe that’s the aim, cynical comment warning! These mis-informants are making a bit of money and don’t want any fresh competition! They can’t handle the truth competition. Fact is the net’s so big there’s room for everyone.

Anyway back to Adsense. Of course it still makes sense. I’ve been making a steady income from Adsense for almost a year. Not enough to retire on yet, but steady.

With all the talk of how Google is the enemy and the slaps etc. you really need to put this all into perspective. Why do Google run Adsense, no brainer really, to MAKE MONEY!

So why would they want to stop you from making money? Answer is they don’t. If you don’t make money then neither do they!

Google has a responsibilty, mostly to itself, to ensure that anything promoted by them is ethical and in line with guidelines and obviously they are going to stop anyone trying to cheat the system.

Play by the rules and you can make money, lots of money.

One guy who has and does is Michael Cheney and I have a free report from Michael that you can get right here, right now, Adsense4U. No signup required. Unless you want to of course and you can do that in the sidebar to the right. Your choice.

Michael is the master at Adsense and you can’t do better than to follow what he does.

Here’s a hint, if you decide to look at the videos, look more than once! Say na more! nudge, nudge! wink, wink!

May 7th, 2008

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