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OK, this blog is greatly about Internet Business but as they say all work and no play etc. So, here’s some play, just for a change of pace.

A bit of history. Formula Vee started in the states in the early 1960′s with a Volkswagen dealer. He took a beetle, threw away the chassis and bodywork, built a single seat, open wheel race car, like mine below and started what was to become one of the most popular and widespread racing formulas in the World.

Stan Craigie Formula Vee

This is fun with a capital F but also serious racing. Many Formula 1 drivers learnt race craft at the wheel of a Formula Vee on their way to the big time. Gilles Villeneuve, Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda and Keke Rosberg to name a few. More

Right now our season is just about to start. I’ve just installed a new engine, courtesy of Dean Williams at Ribuck Industries, my major sponsor. The car’s been checked by the scrutineers for safety and all relevant regulations.

I now need to spend a bit of time preparing the car; brake setup, wheel alignment, make sure everything’s charged, fresh batteries in the data logger etc.

All this takes me away from building my Internet Business, although I’m still using the same principles.Planning, preparation, attention to detail and on the track going for it and never give up. The race isn’t over until the flag falls.

Remember Steven Bradbury of Australia won Gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics when he was half a lap behind, the other four, over eager finalists collided and fell leaving Bradbury as the last man standing to cross the line and secure Gold.Never give up!

If you would like to know more about Formula Vee check out the WA Formula Vee website of which I’m the webmaster. Incidentally I created the header with Gimp, my favourite free Photoshop alternative and for which I’m currently producing video tutorials.

Mar 4th, 2008

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