Gimp Videos Nickel Sale Ends

Posted By Stan

That’s it the Nickel Sale is over.

The Graphics Videos at are now at their normal price of $27. This still represents great value at only $2.25 per video.

I know from comments I’ve received and read on various forums that a lot of people get Gimp, it’s free after all but then struggle to get started with it.

That was the reason behind these videos. There are a lot of excellent free tutorials on the net for Gimp but it takes time to search them out and a lot are written which isn’t always as easy to follow as being shown.

The set of 12 will get you off to a flying start with Gimp. First off, where everything is and then into a lot of the really nice effects that you can produce with it. Reflections and shadows amongst others.

They don’t and can’t show you everything. The range of Gimp’s capabilities is huge and will be cause for more videos in the future. What the videos will do is take you from beginner/novice to a skilled graphics creator/manipulator in a short space of time.

Anyone interested in becoming an affiliate, I will be launching an affiliate program shortly I just need to get it all set up. In the meantime if you wanted to promote the videos get whoever you introduce to put your details, preferably paypal email, in the additional comments box when they sign up and I’ll pay 50% commission.

Not the best way to run affiliates I know but I also know that some of you were quite keen to promote these videos and I always like to help people out. And it’s good for me too!

I’m also toying with the idea of a resell rights package so stay tuned.

Jun 29th, 2008

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