Graphics Videos Going Live

Posted By Stan

At long last the graphics videos are ready and about to go live.

It’s been decided that there’ll be a pre-launch in the form of a Nickel sale.

If you’re not familiar with a Nickel sale the price starts off low and increases by 5 cents for every sale. It’s therefore important to get in early.

The videos are 12 in all and cover

1. Installation & Guided Tour
2. Xtns Menu Features
3. Using Text Part 1
4. Using Text Part 2
5. Removing an Image Object From A Photograph
6. Creating a Sales Page Header
7. Creating a Software Box/eBook Cover With Reflections & Shadow.
8. More Reflection Techniques.
9. Selections Part 1
10. Selections Part 2
11. Creating Sales Page Objects.
12. Putting it All Together – Creating The Sales Page

If you would like to see an excerpt and sign up for early warning of the start of the Nickel sale go to the Graphics Videos site right now! It will take place sometime in the next few days.

May 23rd, 2008

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  1. Gareth said,

    Found you through Frank Haywood, I bought smartdd from him. Bought your video package, well done! Excellent presentation, feel a little bit guilty I got it so cheap! Are you offering an affiliate deal on this? also thanks for pointing me in the direction of “Irfanview”.
    Maybe you could consider doing a “Free resources review ” type post, I for one would put up a permanent link to it. Thanks again

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