Internet Business – How I Hate It!

Posted By Stan

Now why would anyone hate the phrase Internet Business? Well, as if you hadn’t guessed, I’m going to tell you.

Twelve months ago, wanting to become income secure, improve and secure my lifestyle I thought, Internet Business, that’s the way to go.

When you look around the net that’s what everyone’s telling you. It’s easy. Become an affiliate, no website, buy my guide, ‘make $10,000 before you wake up tomorrow’.

So I started researching, signing up on lists, buying this ebook, that system then this ebook. They all made sense, at the time, but while I was trying to set one up another ebook would kindly be made available to me.

I became a professional ebook buyer-reader and consequently never really completed anything fully or properly. I couldn’t afford to miss the next good thing see!

You have to be focused they said. Focused!?, I was so focused I coudn’t see past the end of my nose! But, I knew that it did work, could work. After all I’d been contributing to a lot of other people’s income security, hadn’t I?

I just knew I had to find the right way and the right way is not to do it alone. You need someone who’s already done it and I don’t mean by buying their ebook. You need someone who will work with you, you with them and they teach and guide you.

I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the 10 people that got on the Frank Haywood coaching course. What’s made the difference? For one thing I now have real focus, I can see the wood for the trees. I have a structured plan for product development which is on target and once it’s done I know what to do next.

You have to do it this way get yourself a real mentor. I’m not saying you can’t do it alone. Obviously some people did it alone in the beginning but how long did it take? Go it alone, it will take a long time, it will be frustrating, it will be expensive and wasteful.

Internet Business! I LOVE it!

Feb 6th, 2008

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