Internet Marketing Products You Shouldn’t Touch

Posted By Stan

Wow… three months since my last post, that’s a record, even for me! I’ve been meaning to write about the current Internet Marketer’s latest ploy for a while, the really cheap up front price followed by wads of OTO’s one of them inevitably a recurring monthly fee.

I will not buy them. If they can’t tell me up front what’s involved with the product then in my opinion they’re not honest. Suck in the mugs with a low price and then sell them everything they need to really make it work. Not for me. If I can’t find out beforehand what’s on the backend, just look for the Affiliate’s link and check it out, then it’s an instant refund.

This practice is motivated purely by greed, nothing else. Excerpt from an affiliate page “make us both a ton of cash”. I’m not against anyone making money but come on people, treat your customers and potential customers with a little respect.

I could write more on this but Jason Fladlien said it all very succinctly on his blog which you can find here. You can also grab 32 of Jason’s reports just for visiting and Jason’s reports are well worth reading. No affiliate link, I won’t make anything out of this I just respect the guy and his stuff.

Oct 25th, 2010

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