Making Money with Trends

Posted By Stan

Strike one!! I’m falling behind already with my resolution to post more regularly! Two months of 2009 nearly gone already!

Trouble is, there’s so much else to do! Checking stats, tweaking sites, planning new videos, keyword research, product research, finding content, creating content, checking emails! Then there’s actually putting it all together.

On top of all that, you/we/I have planned, are new things that you/we/I come across. When I say new I don’t necessarily mean new, new, just something I haven’t seen before.

Anyway, I came across this ‘new’ thing the other day, it’s actually, probably been sitting on my hard drive for a year or more. It’s a set of videos about making money through Google Trends. I might be preaching to the educated here but I’d never looked at Google Trends from this perspective before.

It’s actually quite a fun thing to do, very quick, on average takes about 20 minutes.

The seven videos take you through what Google Trends is, creating a quick blog, creating/getting content, monetizing it, getting traffic, move on to the next one.

As I say it’s a bit of fun as well, as it’s so quick. You can go from just surfing the net to surfing the waves of the search trends! If you’d like to try it you can check it out here:

Profiting From Daily Trends

I was going to write some more here about ‘Can You Really Make Money on the Internet?’ But, as I will probably go on about that for a while and it’s important enough to be on it’s own, I’ll post about that later, separately.

Feb 20th, 2009

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