More Free Traffic

Posted By Stan

No matter what it is you plan to do on the the internet you will either need or want traffic. If it’s a business site then you need traffic whereas if it’s a social site like a sports club or some other non profit organisation you may want traffic but it’s not crucial.

Non profit and social sites will get traffic by their very nature. The sites are there to fulfill a demand as people are already interested in what they are about. If you have a business site unless you are a branded corporation no one will know it’s there. So, assuming there is a demand for what your site offers you need to let people know it’s there. You can pay for traffic or work at getting it for free. There are heaps of sources for free traffic.

There are, of course, all the evergreen methods for free traffic. Article marketing, link building (exchanges etc.), Ezines and Newsletters, Forum marketing, SEO, Press releases. All these methods are still valid, article marketing particularly so but the world of Web 2.0 is taking over.

So what is Web2.0? Lots of people have different ideas on what constitutes Web 2.0 but here’s a quote from which I reckon comes pretty close.

Web 2.0 is the move toward a more social, collaborative, interactive and responsive web. It is a change in the philosophy of web companies and web developers, but more than that, Web 2.0 is a change in the philosophy of society as a whole.

Probably the beginning of web 2.0 type sites has to be traced back to blogs. In the beginning they were pretty much diaries or soapboxes where people would write about the life, happenings, hobbies or rant about politics and things that concerned them.

Now they cover every subject imaginable, like this one! A few years ago the other type of web 2.0 sites appeared, the social sites. Facebook, Myspace etc. Then Squidoo, Hubpages, blogger and many, many more.

So now we have an idea of Web 2.0 how do we use it? There are reams of books on using these Web 2.0 sites but the basic premise is to be sociable. Join these sites put up your own pages on the subject of the market you are in, provide quality content and interact with other people with the same interests.

It’s necessary to establish credibility before you can start marketing to these groups and even then it should be done in a helpful way rather than an in your face fashion. Direct people to sites, like your blog, that also have information relevant to the subject and of course affiliate links or links to your products.

The idea is to lead people rather than push them.

The one thing about all these sites is that they are free to join and participate and, therefore, so is the traffic that originates from them.

As I said there are reams of books on Web 2.0 and Social site marketing, if you would like a quick, free, informative 5 part e-course on Web 2.0 traffic you can access one at There is also a free report ‘Social Networking Exposed’ which gives a concise but detailed, no fluff, how to get started with the social sites.

As always I am very interested to learn your thoughts on the information I provide so please feel free to leave your comments.

Apr 17th, 2009

Build Your List For Free

Posted By Stan

Over the last couple of weeks or so I have increased the optins to one of my lists by about 500%!

OK, it wasn’t a huge list to start with but never the less you’ve got to be happy with that. I am!

So how did it happen, bearing in mind that it didn’t cost me a cent?

No big secret really, it was a giveaway. I signed up, contributed a gift and the optins followed.

At the moment there are a ton of giveaways on the go. Ordinarily you’d think that they’d be full of the same old stuff. It’s true that some of the same products pop up in all of them, mine will.

I’m going to make the most of this while I can because as everyone knows if you want to really make it on the internet, business wise, you need a list! Although everyone kept saying that, it took a long time for it sink in with me but the last couple of months have proved it’s true beyond any doubt. You need a list!

It goes a little further than that though, in that having a list is how you reach the people you are trying to help.

This is really the subject for another post but briefly your list is the group of people you are trying to help, not just bleed money out of. You make money when you help others with what they want or need. No deep philosophy there, it’s just the way the World works.

So back to the giveaways. As I said there are a lot on the go and I really recommend you get into them. I’ve listed a few that I have checked out and they have a good variety of good products on offer. There’s software, ebooks, templates, graphics, videos….all sorts of stuff.

I want you to be able to take part as a contributor. For that you need a product. It doesn’t have to be your own, anything that you have giveaway rights for can be used.

It’s better if you have your own for obvious reasons. You won’t be competing with someone else with the same product. It’s not hard to do that, rework a PLR product it’s really not that hard and shouldn’t take that long. Open Office is free and you can open word documents in it and output them as PDF’s.

Turn a PLR PDF into a slide show, make the slide show into a video and give that away. It will definitely be yours and unique. Again Open Office has a Powerpoint type app that creates slideshows. You can get a free copy of Camtasia 3 here. It’s not the latest version but it works fine. In fact it’s the version I’m still using.

Anyway, here are the giveaways:

Back To Basics Giveaway

I really like this one. It’s being run by Scott Case and Scott has stipulated that all products for the giveaway have to be less than six months old. So no chance of it being full of old rehashed stuff. Last I heard there were over 200 products. It starts on the 6th April.

100% Giveaway

Another great givaway. This one runs until 20th April. The link above will take you to the contributors signup if you just want to join to get free stuff go here.

Easter Giveaway

Some really good packages in here too. This is open until the 21st April. Again if you want to sign up as a contributor use the link above, otherwise you can just join here.

I’ll leave it at those for now. Try and join as a contributor, with a unique product if you can. It really is a great way to increase your subscribers.

Mar 31st, 2009

Is This The Product of the Year?

Posted By Stan

I’m not given to promoting many products here but I have, in the last few days come across what I believe will turn out to be the Product of the Year for 2009.

I bought this product a couple of days ago because I’m always open to new ways of market research. In the past I’ve bought tons of information on this subject most of which has been the same old stuff with the odd extra little bit.

In truth I’ve spent a small fortune on it. Being the perpetual optimist I keep believing and looking for that product that will give me more. I always knew there had to be more to it than I’d already seen. This time I believe I’ve struck gold!

Kim Roach, a lady from Kentucky has come up with the most complete method of getting going on line from start to finish, especially if you’re just starting out. I wish I’d had this a couple of years ago!

Now, I only mentioned market research but that’s just the start of it, throw in Squeeze pages, Traffic, Link Building and Email Marketing. 30 Videos and a 182 page instruction manual.

I’ll let Kim explain it to you, she can do it a whole lot better than I, just press play


So far I’ve only watched the first 2 videos on market research and I’ve already learned a heap of new techniques. I’ve also watched the first traffic video and ditto, picked up so many new great ideas.

This is either stuff, the so called gooroo’s have been keeping quiet or Kim is just brilliant. ‘Course I may just be a bit slow and some of you may have figured some of this stuff out but I now know a helluva lot more than I did after just 10% of the content.

There is one drawback to this. There is so much stuff that you will have to watch the videos over and over to get it all to sink in.

Now I didn’t tell you this but if you exit the sales page you’ll pick up a discount, shhhsh! I had heard that the discount was to finish a few days ago but when I just checked it’s still there. Kim also offers her 8 week ‘Love It Or Shove It!’ money back guarantee, you cannot lose! You owe it to yourself to try this, really, it’s the best thing I’ve seen, ever!

I’m off to watch some more videos.

Mar 19th, 2009

How To Make Money On The Net!

Posted By Stan

First up, let me apologise for that heading. I’m not going to be able to give you a 3 or 4 hundred word, nipped in the bud definitive answer to that statement. Hell, if I could I’d probably be out on my $50M boat soaking up some rays while the captain plotted a new course and tanned ex models served me cocktails!

Now where was I?…… Sorry, I drifted off there, I sometimes give in to that day dream too easily!

Oops………. it happened again. What I hope to do is to give you a feel for how to approach the whole thing.

There are numerous ways to approach making money on the internet and just as many different ways of approaching each of them.

Before you decide on the method of actually making money you need to decide where you are going to make money. In other words you  need to find your market. Which brings us to market selection and more targeted, to niche selection.

You have more than likely heard the phrase ad nausium  but it really is crucial. I have wasted hours of time and not a little money in the past on bad niche and product selection.

I don’t believe that niche selection was so important in the early days of net, like 6 or 7 years ago when a lot of the big names made their names but as the internet has increased in size it is now critical. To define what it is, a market would be something high level like ‘Golf” and a niche could be ‘ladies left handed nine irons.’

Now, at this point I could take you through a niche discovery tutorial for the rest of this post but I’m not going to, pretty mean huh?

One other lesson I learned a long time ago is not to try and re-invent the wheel so I’m going to point you to a free download.

‘How To Uncover Red-Hot Niches With A Simple, Step-By-StepFormula’ otherwise known as ‘The Niche Inspector Formula‘ by Myleena Phan creator of the Niche Inspector software. The information in this ebook was the formula behind the Niche Inspector software which I used for long time, it was brilliant.

Sadly, it no longer works. The software used to validate users when it was started up. The validation no longer works as it appears the database behind it no longer exists. Even sadder, it appears that something may have happened to Myleena as she was always very responsive with her support but nowadays is not contactable.

Bee in the bonnet time. I believe every product owner has the right to protect their work but this sort of protection is flawed as there are now hundreds if not thousands of people, me included, who can no longer use a product that they paid good money for.

Anyway I digress, back to the book. There are some links and references including a video about Niche Inspector which are obviously redundant so you can ignore those.

Myleena used to use the Overture Inventory Tool although later versions of the software moved to Google as Overture became defunct. So references and links to Overture are also useless. I think it takes you to Yahoo Search Advertising.

Apart from those little issues the bulk of it is still an excellent grounding in Niche selection and this is the first skill you need to master whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for a while.

No opt in or sign up you can just grab it for free here.

Mar 17th, 2009

Can You Really Make Money on the Internet?

Posted By Stan

Yes, you can!

That has to be the shortest post in blogging history!

Tempted as I am to set a new record, I really can’t leave it there.

If, like me you’ve been nutting away at this thing for what seems like years and probably is, there will have been times when you wonder if it really is possible.

When I start to think like that I look at the numbers. It is a numbers game. According to the latest statistics, globally, there are 1,574,313,184 internet users. Asia has the most at 650,361,843. Europe is next then North America with 246,822,936 online.

How many of those do you need in order to give up your job? 1000, 2000? 5000 is .00002% of the people online in North America. With 5000 customers at only $20 you would have an income of $100,000.

So, you really don’t have to grab much of the online population to make decent money.

However, what’s the percentage of those users who are also trying to make an income, your competition? I don’t know!

When I get to thinking about that aspect of it I look in the Yellow Pages. Go on take a look. The Yellow Pages is usually two volumes, if you live in a reasonably sized area and pretty thick too. Check out vets, plumbers, electricians you’ll find hundreds of them and they must all be making a living and paying for Yellow Pages ads which aren’t cheap! OK, one aspect of the Yellow Pages is location within the larger area but the larger area, a decent size city is what, maybe a couple of million. A pinhead in comparison to the internet!

What if you had a $97 product for your 5000 customers? That’s $485,000. $97 products aren’t that unusual and plenty of them get sold. Frank Kern just released Mass Control 2.0. I believe there were 500 copies, I know there were at least 500 copies, it cost $1997, that’s $998,500 from only 500 sales.

Now I know we’re not all Frank Kerns but we don’t have to be. Do you see what I’m getting at. The numbers, it’s a number’s game. you only have to capture a small, heck, a minute, part of the online population to make substantial returns.

Easier said than done, I know but then isn’t everything?

Obviously you need to do a lot of stuff to get there but before you get to do all that stuff you have to believe it’s possible.

That’s been the point of this, I’m not there yet, I’m starting to do OK but I really believe it’s possible if only because of the numbers.

My biggest failing is I keep wanting to learn something new and I get distracted. Unfortunately that was the nature of my job, I had to keep learning and getting certified on the latest OS or network gear, it’s become ingrained and I have to resist it and get on with what I’m doing at the time.

Surprisingly, whenever I focus and see a project through it’s usually successful.

So, here’s my advice, FOCUS and PERSISTENCE, don’t give up and believe it’s achievable, believe in the numbers.

Feb 26th, 2009

Making Money with Trends

Posted By Stan

Strike one!! I’m falling behind already with my resolution to post more regularly! Two months of 2009 nearly gone already!

Trouble is, there’s so much else to do! Checking stats, tweaking sites, planning new videos, keyword research, product research, finding content, creating content, checking emails! Then there’s actually putting it all together.

On top of all that, you/we/I have planned, are new things that you/we/I come across. When I say new I don’t necessarily mean new, new, just something I haven’t seen before.

Anyway, I came across this ‘new’ thing the other day, it’s actually, probably been sitting on my hard drive for a year or more. It’s a set of videos about making money through Google Trends. I might be preaching to the educated here but I’d never looked at Google Trends from this perspective before.

It’s actually quite a fun thing to do, very quick, on average takes about 20 minutes.

The seven videos take you through what Google Trends is, creating a quick blog, creating/getting content, monetizing it, getting traffic, move on to the next one.

As I say it’s a bit of fun as well, as it’s so quick. You can go from just surfing the net to surfing the waves of the search trends! If you’d like to try it you can check it out here:

Profiting From Daily Trends

I was going to write some more here about ‘Can You Really Make Money on the Internet?’ But, as I will probably go on about that for a while and it’s important enough to be on it’s own, I’ll post about that later, separately.

Feb 20th, 2009

New Video, Adwords Spy, Free Graphics Creator, Free eBook.

Posted By Stan

As a blogger I make a good surfer! I know I am supposed to keep this thing rolling but I always seem to have so much else to do and now is no different but I must pause to let you know about a few things.

Hence the long collection title of this post.

 First thing. I just posted a new video to the member’s area at It’s not an epic just a quick guide to where the disappearing menus from the toolbox in Gimp 2.6 went. Now when you move up to 2.6 you should be able find everything.

Next – Brad Callen (of Keyword Elite), is offering at *NO-COST* one of the most powerful pieces of software imaginable to find out what “keywords” Adwords users are bidding on. (I explain why further down)

You can do the following with this free tool:

1. You’ll be able to quickly and easily uncover any Google Adwords advertiser’s keywords in only a few seconds

2. You’ll be able to see critical Adwords data relating to each keyword:

- The actual Adwords ads your competitors have written for each keyword

- The Cost Per Click

- Your competitor’s Adwords rank

- The total daily amount your competition is spending on Google Adwords

3. You can use PPC Web Spy to generate your own huge list of keywords based upon any of the individual keywords your competition is using.

4. You can also generate a giant, targeted keyword list by inputting your competitor’s domain name, allowing you to build an even larger, more targeted keyword list!

5. You’ll be able to immediately see which Adwords advertisers are people promoting products from CB, PDC, and

6. You’ll even be able to see the landing pages.

7. This all happens seamlessly while you are in Google search!

Why is this no-cost?

I’ll tell you the reason Brad did this.  He has the most amazing *viral* upgrade I think I’ve ever seen.

Apparently, those that upgrade for only $47, will always have THEIR AFFILIATE LINKS for Amazon, Clickbank, and PayDotCom products pop up at the top of Google Search. This happens whenever the person who downloaded the software from you does a search for ANYTHING.

(Bottom line, if the person you give the free software to (or someone else in the downline) buys a Clickbank, Amazon, or Paydotcom product, you may very likely get the sale.. leaving you with huge passive income potential)

I can also confirm that this does work on a Mac – OSX 10.4.11 + Firefox 3.0.5

I bought the $47 upgrade on the spot.. BUT the free tool is worth $97 or more in itself!

Watch the video explainers (both for the free product and for the viral upgrade)

Thirdly, if you really can’t be bothered mastering graphics software to create your own graphics but still want to or need to, there is an easier FREE option.

It’s Instant Banner Creator. You can create banners, buttons, headers, footers, animated GIF’s and Peel away ad graphics. There are some OTO’s, the last one is pretty good value and gives you access to a lot more. The free version is adequate for most circumstances and you can upload your own designs ie. free graphics that most of us seem to accumulate, to add effects to, so it’s quite flexible.

You can grab a copy here

Finally I’ve put together a free ebook showing how to create a curved ebook cover using Gimp. Which, as you must all know is the free graphics software that rivals Photoshop. It’s not like the action scripts in Photoshop you have to actually do it but once you have your design in place it only takes about 10 minutes to turn it into a great looking curved cover with reflections and shadow. Yep, I show you how to do that too.

If you think about it there are techniques there that you can apply to all sorts of graphics projects as well. So feel free to grab the book, sign up at the link below for your free copy and you will be amazed and more than a little bit pleased with yourself when you see what you can produce.

Well, that’s all for this time. My New Year resolution is to try and be more regular with this blog and bring you more good stuff for 2009. Please don’t grade me on it but I will do my best.

Here’s wishing that 2009 is as good a year for you and yours as I wish it is going to be for me and mine.

Jan 12th, 2009

The Death of Info Products?

Posted By Stan

I am a bit slack as far as far as posting on this blog goes.  That also goes for checking out other peoples blogs and forums all of which I should do to keep my finger on the pulse.

I do have a good excuse though, I spend most of my time in front of this screen working at trying to build a business. As they say, the knowledge is no good without action.

Anyway, I digress. The thing I’ve been working on lately is implementing the strategy outlined in a new product which seemed to just sneak on to the market. As far as I can tell no big launch, no fanfare.

It’s based around the premise that most searches conducted on the net are for physical products not info products. When I stopped and thought about that I came to the realisation that I myself when I’m searching for something to buy am usually looking for a physical product.

When I search for information it’s not usually for an info product but just online answers to whatever.

One of the big ‘issues’ with physical products is that the commission rates are usually quite low so affiliate marketers skip them in preference for info products which usually offer at least 50%.

The thing is, if you can set up enough mini-sites, highly optimised to get listed well, then a lot of ‘small’ commissions from a lot of sites can add up to a lot of money. It’s an aspect of affiliate marketing that has generally been passed by. 

So what is this product? It’s called Info Product Killer. Though the basic idea is very simple and you probably think ‘well I can do that myself, produce a load of mini-sites with product affilate links, so why should I buy this?’

The answer is, it’s much more than just the basic concept. Contained in this package is some of the best practical SEO advice available anywhere, PDF’s and more videos than you can poke a stick at.

In my opinion the SEO part of it is worth twice the cost of the package alone.

So far I’ve created eight sites with a mother site at You’ll understand the term ‘mothersite’ once you get into this. The one above is obviously aimed at Christmas but this can be done all year round and both aspects are covered in detail inside the course.

Now I have an affiliate link for this product but I’m not going to give it to you. Am I crazy or what? I’m going to give you someone elses link, yep I’m mental alright!

Two reasons, this bloke, Frank Haywood, is one of the good guys in internet marketing and has helped me a lot. The second reason is, he has a discount code which will get you nearly $30 off the already discounted price and I can’t in all conscience not pass that on. So here it is.

Info Product Killer you can read Frank’s take on the product at Why Info Products Are Rubbish.

There it is. Go take a look I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The physical product market is so huge now that it won’t matter how many people get into this. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll be treading on each other’s toes.

Dec 1st, 2008

More on Gimp 2.6

Posted By Stan

Now that I’ve used Gimp 2.6 a little here’s my first dislike.

By default all the ‘Utility’ windows, what was the Toolbox, layers and Brushes,Patterns etc dialogues, are on top by default. So any image window that is larger than the gap between them is behind these dialogues ergo you don’t see all of your image. I really hate that!

You can fix it though. Go into Edit->Preferences and then Window Management. In the ‘Hint for the toolbox:’ and ‘Hint for other docks:’ drop downs select ‘Keep Above’ and then OK.

You’ll be told you need to restart Gimp for the changes to take effect and once you do your image window will be the one on top when it’s active.

Now that, I like.

Oct 25th, 2008

Gimp 2.6 – A Backward Step?

Posted By Stan

OK, it’s taken me a while to get around to looking at the new Gimp and my first impression was disappointment!

The Toolbox menu has gone and with it the Xtns menu! It took me a little while but I’ve found the inhabitants of the X’d Xtns menu and File menu.

‘Buttons’, ‘Logos’, ‘Patterns’ and ‘Web page themes’ live under ‘Create’ in the File menu in the empty image window that opens on startup. Also in there are what used to exist under the Toolbox File menu ‘Acquire’ entry, namely  ’Paste as New’ now ‘From Clipboard’, ‘Scanner/Camera’ and ‘Screen Shot’.

Other entries from the Toolbox menus have been scattered around. Sticking with the File menu ‘Preferences’, ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ and ‘Units’ are now in the Edit menu of the afore mentioned empty image window. Also in here is the Xtns menu ‘Module Manager’ now just called ‘Modules’.

‘Script Fu’ from the Xtns menu now resides at the bottom of the Filters menu. The last two items from the Xtns menu ‘Plug-in Browser’ and ‘Procedure Browser’ have eloped to the Help menu.

The Dialogs menu that used to exist on image windows has been replaced by the Windows menu and has an added ‘Recently Closed Docks’ entry which is basically a Dialog history.

One major addition to this version is GEGL the Generic Graphical Library which is a programming library under development for image processing applications. It is mainly developed to bring support for images with more than 8 bits per color channel to GIMP. It has been partially implemented in GIMP 2.6.

You can check out the release notes for 2.6 here.

A lot of the changes in 2.6 are in the engine room with the only obvious ones being the change to the user interface, brought about, apparently, by many users complaints.

Personally, I can’t imagine what complaints could have led to this change in the layout. The only obvious advantage is that in Windows it now only takes up one slot on the taskbar and clicking on it will restore all windows and dialogs whereas before you needed to do them individually and Gimp could fill the taskbar all on it’s own.

When I first looked at this latest version I have to admit to having a minor panic attack when I saw the Toolbox menus gone! Checking the release notes confirmed my worst fears, it had been taken away. What I found to be disappointing was that no one had taken the trouble to tell us poor schmucks where all the contents had gone to!

I did quite a bit of searching around forums, user groups etc to see what the story was, nothing! Admittedly it didn’t take too long to find them all again in the new version but to my way of thinking if you are going to change something like that it’s just good user support to document it. Isn’t that a sign of the times? Don’t get me started on that one, a topic for a grump session!

As yet, I believe the latest version of Help is the 2.4 version so you won’t find it in there.

I haven’t yet used this version enough to be able to comment on the other improvements so I’ll have to leave that for another day. One thing I did do though, was to install this version in a seperate location so that I retained my familiar version 2.4(security blanket). I suggest you do the same, at least initially. All your shortcuts, Start menu etc will be overwritten with the new one, just means you have to make a shortcut to the previous version.

Well, that’s my take on it so far. I would be really interested to hear what your thoughts are on it and also your thoughts on my thoughts so, please, feel free to leave a comment.

Oct 22nd, 2008
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