That Was The Week That Was II

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OK, that’s better! Now where were we?

Oh yeah! I was talking about stolen commissions and affiliates in the first half of this post.

Do you like sneaky? I like sneaky! Not black hat or anything nasty, just sneaky.

I’m referring to the use of iframes to link to other peoples products. Using iframes totally hides where the link has come from. It does way more than just that though.

With an iframe you basically display the target site within your page this means that you can put your own page title with keywords of course. Talking of keywords you can also put your own keywords into the page and therefore go after your own ranking in the SERPs.

See why I say this is way more than just simple cloaking. There’s no way you could hope to rank for a normal cloaked link and with an iframe no one would even guess that it was an affiliate link.

To find out more go to Videos by Cenay where you can not only find out more about iframes but you can download a free iframe generator.     This is a truly awesome tactic!

I’m now going to contradict myself and tell you about another free service for cloaking your links! Why would I do that when I’ve just pointed you to a better way?

Well, this one has a couple of useful advantages that don’t relate to affiliate type links. It’s similar to the old tinyurl in that it shortens your links. It’s also reputed to help with backlinks, never a bad thing.

Where I use it mostly is in emails to my list and in Twitter posts. You need to keep things short in Twitter.

So what is it? It’s a new service from Jonathan Leger. How does he keep coming up with stuff? is his latest brainchild. Here’s an example of a link  which just happens to take you to to find out more, all totally free!

Just drifting off subject for a minute with the mention of Twitter. I have been on Twitter for a while but I’m still not sure that I get it!

I’ve read a few books. listened to a few people so I guess I’ve covered it all but I still don’t quite get it. It seems a bit like a free for all. Like the traffic exchanges where you have to look at everyone else’s links and everyone else looks at your links and you hope  someone clicks on them.

Everyone’s putting links in Twitter with the same hope. Apart from a few people with big reputations and big lists already I don’t think it happens. Still, I suppose, you’ve got to be in it!

On the subject of getting ranked in the SERPs, it’s a well known fact that WordPress blogs get ranked a lot easier than normal sites, Google likes ‘em.

It therefore makes sense to use WordPress to create your sites instead of standard HTML. I’ve been doing this for a while with some good results but in keeping with not wanting to re-invent the wheel and tell you how I do it, last week I found a really handy little guide to doing just that. Caroline Middlebrook has produced this free guide and you can get it from her site at

While we’re on WordPress I just found a salespage theme for it. It’s template driven and you can create a very professional looking salespage in minutes at $5 it’s cheap as chips.

Without ANY knowledge of HTML you can quickly get one of the 8 styles of the salesletter on your blog. The theme is done very professionally and has lots of nice, neat design elements. You can see it here:

Well, this half of the post has gone on a bit as well! I’m sure I’ve given you lots to look at and be going on with. I’ve got a few more but I’ll leave those for next time.

If you have any useful tips or tools you found I’d be glad to hear about them so feel free to post a comment. It’ll get you a backlink and every little helps.

May 13th, 2009

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  1. Gareth said,

    I have just be warned that to use “I Frame” redirects with Clickbank is a violation of their T.O.S. and affiliates using it will thrown off Clickbank.

    Just spent an hour removing them all from my website. Oh, well thanks any way, seem like a good idea at the time…

    best wishes

  2. Stan said,

    Thanks for the tip Gareth. I wasn’t aware of that and I’m guessing that a lot of other people aren’t either. FYI it’s in Hoplink FAQs item 10

    10. Will I get referral credit if I hide HopLinks by making them open into a frame, iframe, layer, applet, image, or other sub-window object?

    No. These are illegal HopLinks. For security reasons, and to ensure proper tracking of your referrals, all HopLinks must be targeted to the top level of a new or existing window.

    I’ll do another post letting people know!

    Thanks again


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