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Wow, what a week I had last week!

I can’t say that it was the most productive ever but it came pretty close. What it was exceptionally good for was the discovery of tons of free tools that are going to take my business to the next level. And, I want to share them with you! So, grab a drink and sit back there’s quite a bit.

First up. We’re all aware that one of the most critical factors in getting you’re site ranked is backlinks. Generally it’s not easy. It needs you to contact, basically, your competitors in your market and request that they link to you’re site. Very time consuming and frustrating ‘cos you’ll not get replies and you’ll get knock backs.

You can join a service like Linkvana which is excellent but expensive, $147 a month I believe.

What if you could get Linkvana for free? Well, you can’t but you can get something which is practically the same, for free. I’ve never used Linkvana so I can’t say this is identical but I’m told it’s very similar.

The Free Traffic System. Totally free, no hidden costs, no OTOs. It works like an article directory except that your articles are posted on relevant co-operating blogs with your links in your keyword anchor text. There are two links per article and this can get you up to 60 backlinks for each article and no limit on how many articles you submit. Pretty cool, huh?

There’s a lot more to it than that but that gives you the basic idea. Go here and get into it!

Next. Even if you are not into article marketing and you should be, we all have to produce content. Now the duplicate content debate will go on forever, whichever side of it you’re on it can’t hurt to vary your content. I have two tools that will help you with this one free and I’m afraid the other one will cost you a bit, not a lot.

To easily compare content there is a fantastic free tool – Dupefree Pro – I can’t believe this is free, it’s a very classy piece of software.

What this tool does is, it will allow you to compare duplicate content of one article to another, to see how much more ‘tweaking’ of the content you need to do. That’s the basic function, there is much, much more!It will go online and search the SERPs to see if parts of your content are already indexed. It will also provide a list of words similar to an entered keyword to enable you to meet the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) requirements of the search engines.It  also has all the usual stats number of words, sentences, paragraphs, keyword density, duplicate content percentage etc.

It’s all for free, get it here Dupefree

Now here’s the one you are going to want to get your wallet out for. Magic Article Re-Writer. As the name suggests it helps you re-write articles, duh! I know, most of them are crap and I’ve shied away from them in the past also, despite having paid over $100 in some cases. I refunded them. One would have been good but it would have taken about a year before it was useful as you had to build your own thesaurus over time!

This one you can use straight out of the box and intelligently re-write/spin content in minutes, up to a 1000 copies! I’m not sure about that, it could be more but who cares, would you want that many copies? It produces good English no more crappy grammar.

I said I was busy last week, this piece of software is one of the reasons, I’ve been re-writing content and spinning articles like crazy. It really is brilliant and not expensive.

There’s the usual money back guarantee so there’s no risk. Seriously, you have to try it, – Magic Article Re-Writer.

This post is going on a bit and I’ve still got more, quite a bit in fact, so I’m going to take a break, grab a coffee, go to the can, too much information? OK, delete that bit. I’ll be back a bit later and carry on in the next post.

You will not want to miss it. If you operate as an affiliate the next tool will knock your socks off! Ever had commissions stolen? Yeah sure, you’ve heard of cloakers etc. but not like this. This one can also help your ranking in the search engines!

Tune in later, you won’t be disappointed!

May 12th, 2009

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