URGENT WARNING – Server Virus Doing The Rounds

Posted By Stan

Cor! Look at all the dust and cobwebs in here, what a neglected blog! I totally failed with this years New Year resolution on keeping up with this blog. I went over to the UK in September and it totally through me out.

I’ve meant on several occasions to get back here and post stuff. I have quite a few good things to post about but other stuff kept getting in the way. I’ll just have to make more of an effort.

Anyway, enough of that. I have finally made it here because this is pretty important and urgent. I’m not sure of the implications of this virus apart from the fact I know it screws up WordPress blogs.

Earlier this week all of my domains on one server got hit by the virus which is attacking websites hosted on Linux servers. If you have WordPress sites they will not load and you won’t be able to get into wp-admin, it just comes up with errors in a couple of php files.

It infects index*, default* and *.js files. If you look at one of your index files you will see the virus code at the bottom it starts with ‘<script>/*GNU GPL*/ try{window.onload = function(){var‘. It can
be removed manually but it’s a long  job especially in WordPress as there are a lot of .js files.

Fortunately there is a removal script at   http://seoforums.org/site-optimization/

I can vouch for the script I ran it on 44 domains and it cleaned them in no time.

You’ve got to wonder where these pricks heads are at!

Dec 17th, 2009

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