Warning On Iframes! And a Couple Of Excellent Freebies!

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A couple of posts back, ‘That Was The Week That Was II’, I hyped up the use of iframes as a means of cloaking your affiliate links whilst having the advantage of using your own meta tags.

Gareth at youshouldreadmore.com  advised me that he had been warned that the use of iframes was against Clickbank’s TOS. Now, I couldn’t find it in their TOS or policies but it is in the Hoplink FAQs items 10 and 11.

10. Will I get referral credit if I hide HopLinks by making them open into a frame, iframe, layer, applet, image, or other sub-window object?

No. These are illegal HopLinks. For security reasons, and to ensure proper tracking of your referrals, all HopLinks must be targeted to the top level of a new or existing window.

11. What happens if I do make illegal HopLinks?

The short answer is that if you make illegal HopLinks you will lose money.

HopLinks targeted to frames or iframes are automatically retargeted to fill the top level of same window, with full affiliate referral credit awarded. Note that this retargeting may have the unintended effect of displacing your entire web site.

HopLinks targeted to images or other invisible html objects give you no affilate referral credit at all. In some cases they will also prevent you from receiving affiliate referral credit for legal HopLinks on the same page.

Accounts that are found to be abusing the HopLink system may be terminated without notice.

I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting their accounts terminated so I mention this here as a disclaimer and I guess you use iframes at your own risk. On the face of it though, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea as the implication is you won’t get paid anyway.

So, going on from this, if you still want/need to cloak your affiliate links then you could do worse than look at a site of Jonathan Leger’s Offto net. This is a free service and converts your long links into this http://offto.net/wed6vk/. There is an added benefit of Offto links that helps you to get additional traffic.

Here’s an excerpt from Jon’s blog (15th April 2009) on the traffic that Offto gets and how it can benefit you.

“The site has cloaked over 4,500 new links in the last 30 days, and has delivered 9,616,267 raw clicks in the last year and a half. It’s averaging 200,000-300,000 unique visitors per month, and has built my email list by more than 4,600 opted-in users.

That’s all great, but how does it help you? I’m getting to that part.

You see, more than 20,000 of those visitors each month are coming from Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. At first I was scratching my head about this, asking myself why on earth the site was getting so much love from the search engines (not that I was complaining, mind you!)

So I started taking a look at the keywords the site was ranking for, and it only astounded me even more. Only about 10% of that traffic was coming from keywords relating to the name of the site — people just looking for OffTo.

MOST of the traffic was coming from keywords ranging everywhere from “free tee shirts” to “hypoglycemia diet”.

That’s when it hit me — the thing about OffTo that should motivate you to use it when cloaking all of your links.

You see, ol’ OffTo has racked up a HUGE number of links to its pages (76,259 according to Yahoo! Site Explorer). That massive number of in-bound links has given OffTo a lot of authority in Google’s eyes, and so its pages are ranking very well for the keywords the engines are finding on those pages.

It’s the same kind of effect that causes the pages of Wikipedia to rank for so many different keywords. Tons of links means the pages will rank for just about anything.

How does this benefit you?

In case it’s not clear yet, this benefits YOU because when you cloak your links using OffTo, your cloaked links will often end up ranking for the keywords on the cloaked page (especially if you choose a link name that has your keywords in it). That means EXTRA traffic from the search engines, for free!

In order to benefit from this extra traffic, you want to be sure the “Hide links to affiliate program on landing page” box is checked when you create the cloaked link, since that’s what causes the page to get cached and ranked in the engines.

So the next time you need to use a link cloaker, I strongly recommend you do yourself a favor and get some f.ree traffic by using OffTo.net.”

Here’s the Link


This is becoming a long post but there is one more thing I HAVE to tell you about.

You know I like to try and bring you Free stuff and this has to be the freebie of the year!

The one thing that will help you make it on the net is traffic and/or subscribers, preferably both.

Socrates Socratous, the creator of MyDD digital download software is releasing a new site, Resell Rights Fortunes but he has just released a free video showing how you can get a 3345 subscriber list completely on autopilot. He also points you to a free version of the software that he uses to do this ($47 value). Free video

If you don’t grab this then you aren’t serious about building a business and making money on the net! I’ve already watched this and implemented it in less than two hours! I will do more. Imagine the results from one a day for a couple of weeks!

Seriously, this is, without exception, one of the most useful things I’ve ever seen, paid stuff included. Grab it while it’s still there. Free video

May 31st, 2009

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