When Can A Virus Be Your Best Friend?

Posted By Stan

What is a virus? The word comes from latin where it meant slime or poisonous liquid!

I feel sick already!

We know it as a sickness where people are concerned or a really annoying and sometimes worse, disruption of computers that spreads like wildfire.

It’s that aspect of a virus that’s been turned to good use, the viral aspect, the ability to spread like wildfire. I’m sure you’ve of heard of the viral nature of ebooks and other products on the internet but it hasn’t always been that easy to get started. Well now it is!
Mike Filsaime and Rod Beckwith have designed a free programme around that concept called Butterfly Reports and I have a free report, One Into A Million, that you can download right now.

One Into A Million

So, the answer to the question is ‘when it’s a free report from Butterfly Reports’.

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Aug 17th, 2008

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