Why Should You Buy Dominating Niches by Chris Freville?

Posted By Stan

Good question eh? Short answer – cos if you buy through me I’ll make some money!

That’s a bit blunt isn’t it! But let’s be honest here, I’m having a bit of a bummer of a day and I’m just sick and tired of all the crap that’s peddled around the net about Internet Marketing!

What I said up top is the bottom line for most of us. I don’t deny there are parts of the net where there are genuine selfless souls whose only purpose is to provide assistance to others but that’s not Internet marketing.

Now, having said that, if you’re still with me, It’s no good me recommending rubbish to you. If I do then I lose all credibility, if I’ve got any left after that, because I can only be successful if I help you to be successful. So, I’m only going to recommend products that I believe to be

  • Worth the money
  • Give real value
  • Help you to achieve your goals
  • Actually work

So, let’s get to the subject of this review. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a review copy from Chris who I’ve known for while. I won’t be so bold as to call him a friend because we’ve never actually met, yet. However I’ve spoken with him and we communicate via email so I know where he’s coming from and what he’s good at.

Chris has been making a good living, $30,000+ a month, on the net for years in many different niches. If any one can tell you how to dominate a niche then Chris can. Chris already has several successful products to his name,  Automated List Builder, Sneaky Affiliate Cheat, Clickbank Inner Circle to mention a few.

So what will Dominating Niches do for you?

  • How to be accepted in any niche.
  • How to spot hot trends before they happen and cash in to the fullest (Jump on massive niches like Sudoku long before the competition!)…
  • 5 golden rules for keeping your passion out of the way of your profits (The key is making your business pleasurable!)…
  • The little-known secret to choosing pen names that inspire trust and loyalty (plus his unique formula for creating easy to remember names)…
  • How to easily post traffic blasting audio and videos up in just minutes (employing this simple tactic takes thousands off the table and into your pocket)…
  • The sneaky secret that alerts you to the hottest Internet trends by the hour – and how identifying them can mean long-term repeat sales for you…
  • Why you should never pay $1,000 for a domain name at auction — and how you’ll dominate any niche just as quickly with a new or expired domain for a tiny fraction of that price…
  • His secret weapon for scooping up recently expired domains that thrust your site to the front of the SEO line in any niche you choose…

and heaps more. It’s a massive package.

  • A 150 page Dominating Niches PDF
  • The Dominating Niches Quick Learning Video Series
  • Untapped Niche Explorer Exclusive Software, automatically finds untapped niches
  • Dominating Physical Niches “How To” handbook

I could go on and write reams about this product, there is so much in there. This really is a comprehensive product and I’ll be first in line next Tuesday 30th June at 12.00pm EST.

I will be offering bonuses for anyone who purchases through my link next week. Here’s a look at them, click on the links for more information:

The last three all have sales pages and rights so you can sell them as your own. Three great products to get started with!

That’s just for starters. There’s a few days to go, I’ll add to them between now and then. In terms of dollars this isn’t the most valuable list of bonuses I’m sure but I’ve aimed at putting together products that will complement and be useful with the information in Dominating Niches.

The pre-launch begins on Sunday 28th June 2009 at 12.00pm EST. But you can click here and sign up for a report which reveals Chris’s secret profitable niche for FREE! It is in fact a full in depth guide of the campaign for this niche. Very educational!

Signing up will also get you a notification of the launch of this fantastic product. I don’t want to sound too hypie but it really is good and packed with value!

Jun 26th, 2009

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